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Law Council of Australia


Policy Consultation Paper Visa Simplification: Transforming Australia’s Visa System

The submission to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) Policy Consultation Paper entitled Visa Simplification: Transforming Australia’s Visa System (Policy Consultation Paper) was prepared by the Law Council. The Law Council is grateful for the assistance of the Migration Law Committee of the Federal Litigation and Dispute Resolution Section and the Law Institute of Victoria, Refugee Law Reform and Migration Law Committee in the preparation of this submission.

The Law Council understands that the Policy Consultation Paper is a preliminary step in what is likely to be a lengthy and multistep process. As such the Law Council looks forward to the opportunity to make more substantive comments once further work has been undertaken by DIBP.

The Australian visa system must evolve in order to respond to growth in demand, increasing global competition, evolving technology, and a changing global migration landscape. It is complex, and difficult for applicants to navigate and for the DIBP to administer. The Law Council supports a modernisation of the system.

You can read the full submission below.


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