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National Integrity Commission Inquiry

The Law Council provided a further submission to the Senate Select Committee on a National Integrity Commission's inquiry into the Establishment of a National Integrity Commission (NIC). 

The Law Council previously provided a submission to the Committee on 20 April 2016. The Law Council notes that the Committee has access to the evidence and records of its 2016 Inquiry, and that previous submitters should only re-submit to the Committee if they need to update or amend their previous submission or have new information to provide.

In its previous submission, the Law Council set out four key recommendations, namely:

Relevant to the fourth recommendation above, this submission provides additional information on lessons learned from the experiences of state-based anti-corruption agencies (ACAsl since the date of its last submission, as well as addressing some of the matters outlined in the Committee's Interim Report published after that date. To that end, the Law Council makes the following additional recommendations, if a federal NIC is to be established:

You can read the full submission below.


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