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Law Council of Australia


Federal Court Central Practice Note and Draft National Court Framework Practice Notes

Thank you for inviting the Law Council of Australia to provide comments on the Draft National Court Framework Practice Notes. 

The Law Council commends your Honour and the Court for this initiative and the aims of the national framework reform project more generally, and it welcomes the proposed simplification of the Court’s practice notes. 

The Law Council acknowledges contributions from the Law Society of South Australia, the Law Institute of Victoria and the following Section committees: 

For ease of reference, comments on the draft Central Practice Note and draft National Practice Area (NPA) Practice Notes are presented in Attachments A – F.

The Taxation Committee’s comments, previously lodged, are at Attachment G

The United Kingdom’s Patents Court Guide (2015) is at Attachment H

A brief profile of the Law Council is at Attachment I. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to provide these observations and to be involved in the development of the new Practice Notes. 


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