Review of Academic Requirements

At the request of the Council of Chief Justices, in 2015 the Law Admissions Consultative Committee conducted a limited review of the academic areas of knowledge prescribed for admission to the legal profession in Australia. The following explanatory document was prepared and made available on this website. It sets out the scope of, and reasons for, the limited review and poses the several particular questions on which public submissions were sought.

The review resulted in changes being made in December 2016 to the description of Evidence, and the substitution of Civil Dispute Resolution for Civil Procedure. It seems possible that other changes may eventually be made as a result of the Assuring Professional Competence development program, which LACC proposes to undertake over several years commencing in 2017, if possible.

All of the submissions received during the review are set out below.

  1. The Honourable Brian Sully QC - view here.
  2. Hwee Cheng Goh - view here.
  3. The Honourable J.C. Campbell - view here.
  4. Council of Australian Law Deans - view here.
  5. University of Queensland Pro Bono Centre - view here. Please also see letter of support from QAILS.
  6. Bar Association of Queensland - view here.
  7. Supplmentary Submission - Council Australian Law Deans (refer no 4) - view here.
  8. Corporate Law Teachers Association (CLTA) - view here.
  9. Corporations Committee of the Business Law Section, Law Council of Australia - view here.
  10. Law Council of Australia - view here
  11. Legal Ethics Academic Lawyers – Australian National University - view here.
  12. Griffith Law School - view here
  13. Quintin Rares, Barrister - view here
  14. USQ School of Law & Justice (led by Associate Professor Lynda Crowley - Cyr - Coordinator of Teaching and Learning) - view here.
  15. Academic lawyers engaged in teaching and research on civil dispute resolution - view here.
  16. School of Law at the University of Western Sydney - view here.
  17. Northern Territory Bar - view here.
  18. Large Law Firm Group - view here.
  19. Australian Law Students' Association - view here.
  20. Wellness Network for Law - view here.
  21. Professor Peta Spender  - view here.
  22. Australasian Professional Legal Education Council (APLEC) - view here.
  23. Members of the Commercial and Property Law Research Centre at the School of Law at QUT - view here.
  24. Queensland Law Society - view here.
  25. Queensland Law Society- Ethics and Professional Responsibility - view here.
  26. Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia - view here.
  27. Law Institute of Victoria - view here.
  28. Dr Kate Sainsbury and Associate Professor Susan Armstrong, University of Western Sydney - view here.
  29. Maxine Evers, UTS Law - view here.
  30. Professor Margaret Thornton, ANU Public Policy Fellow - view here.