Redrafting the Academic Requirements for Admission

In 2015-16, LACC undertook a limited review of the Academic Requirements for Admission which resulted in changes to the descriptions of two prescribed areas of knowledge. More recently, consideration of the Productivity Commission's 2014 Report on Access to Justice Arrangements and PhillipsKPA's report Professional Accreditation –Mapping the Territory led LACC to re-examine the way in which the 11 prescribed areas of knowledge are expressed, in order to take account of –

(a) supplementary Threshold Learning Outcomes (TLOs) for law courses that have, since 2010, been successively endorsed and applied by the Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD), all Australian law schools and the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA); and

(b) a more general move to express academic requirements in terms of "outcomes".

LACC has been greatly assisted in the project by a team of 25 legal teachers and scholars. A report endorsed by LACC and setting out their suggestions for revised descriptions for each prescribed area of knowledge, has subsequently received support from Admitting Authorities, CALD and the Australasian Professional Legal Education Council (APLEC).

LACC has thus resolved to seek public comment on the draft descriptions and any suggestions for their improvement.

Call for submissions 

Submissions, in Word format, may be sent to by 30 September 2019. Every submission received will be published on this website.

Submissions recieved 

1. NSW Legal Profession Admission Board - view here.



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