Law Admissions Consultative Committee

The Law Admissions Consultative Committee (LACC) consists of representatives of the Law Admitting Authority in each Australian jurisdiction, the Committee of Australian Law Deans, the Australasian Professional Legal Education Council and the Law Council of Australia. It is generally responsible to the Australian and New Zealand Council of Chief Justices, which appoints the Chairman of the Committee. LACC is not, however, a committee of the Council. 

LACC's main role is to forge consensus between the bodies represented by its members on matters relating to the academic and Practical Legal Training requirements for admission to the Australian legal profession, the accreditation and appraisal of academic and Practical Legal Training institutions and courses, and other matters related to admission to the Australian legal profession.

This site includes current versions of significant documents which have been developed by LACC and subsequently adopted by Admitting Authorities in each Australian jurisdiction.