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Review of the Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules

The Law Council is undertaking a review of the Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules. This is the first comprehensive review of the Rules since they were first promulgated in June 2011.

The Australian Solicitor’s Conduct Rules were collaboratively developed by all of the State and Territory Law Societies and other constituent professional bodies of the Law Council, as the agreed set of professional conduct rules for all solicitors in Australia. The Rules have been adopted in South Australia, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria.

The Law Council’s Professional Ethics Committee has developed a Consultation Discussion Paper for the Review and invites comments and submissions on the issues raised and discussed.

The closing date for Submissions is 31 May 2018, which may be lodged at ascr@lawcouncil.asn.au

You can also view the Law Council's webpage on Australian Solicitors' Conduct Rules


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