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Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules

The Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules 2011, adopted by the Law Council of Australia in June 2011, were updated in March and April 2015. Apart from the omission of former Rule 29.12.5, the minor changes did not alter the substance on any of the Rules.

The adoption of the Australian Solicitors' Conduct Rules by each state and territory will ensure all of Australia's solicitors are bound by a common set of professional obligations and ethical principles when dealing with their clients, the courts, their fellow legal practitioners, regulators and other persons.

The Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules were made as the Legal Profession Uniform Law Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules 2015 under the Legal Profession Uniform Law which commenced in New South Wales and Victoria on 1 July 2015. The Rules have also been adopted in Queensland and South Australia. Also. Readers of the Uniform Law version of the Rules will notice some additional modifications to Rule 1.1 and the Glossary, which reflect their adoption as Rules under the Uniform Law.

Law societies in other states and the territories continue to work towards adoption of the Rules, according to the processes and approvals set out in their respective local legal profession regulatory arrangements.

Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules - September 2015

Commentary to the Australian Solicitors' Conduct Rules

For the convenience of practitioners a version of the Australian Solicitors' Conduct Rules has been prepared with an accompanying commentary.

The Commentary is intended to provide additional information and guidance in understanding how particular Rules might apply in some situations.

The Commentary is not intended to be the sole source of information about the Rules – extensive information is available from Law Societies to assist in understanding the application of the Rules to the variety of situations encountered in legal practice

Commentary to the Australian Solicitors' Conduct Rules - July 2013



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