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Law Council of Australia


Interview with LIV Young Lawyers

As an organisation, what does it mean to be awarded the 2021 Australian Young Lawyer Organisation Award?

This award endorses all the hard work the LIV and Young Lawyers has delivered throughout 2021 so far and further cements our position as a leading provider of support and education for tomorrow’s legal profession talent.

Can you tell us about the LIV Bootcamp, which was the program for which you received your award?

The LIV Bootcamp came out of a discussion with students that commenced law school during the pandemic and failed to have the same opportunities to learn and connect with peers at university. The LIV Young Lawyers decided to do something about this and make a difference by providing student the best opportunity to achieve success as law school while also developing networks.

The Bootcamp focused on preparing students to read, write and develop legal research acumen while also promoting health and wellbeing and an acceptable work/study/life balance. As a result, we had new members join the LIV who felt more prepared and relaxed entering law school and solid friendship and professional networks established to support themselves.

What’s next for the LIV Young Lawyers in 2022 and beyond?

The LIV Young Lawyers will continue to promote health and wellbeing with a focus on championing mental health awareness and support services for our members. The LIV Young Lawyers hope to take our content and services to the next level in 2022 to ensure we are supporting the needs of our members and fostering a relationship from inception into the profession as a law students to the workforce as a lawyer or legal professional.

From the perspective of your organisation, what are some of the key legal issues and challenges the legal profession needs to focus on, particularly for young lawyers?

The acknowledgement of mental health and a healthy work life balance will continue to be a challenge to achieve especially living in a covid normal work environment but the LIV is committed to developing services to support members in achieving a healthy balance.

In addition, the LIV Young Lawyers has contributed to a framework to eliminate and combat sexual harassment in the workforce not only to support victims but also to educate bystanders and alleged perpetrators their actions and behaviour is not appropriate and needs to be rectified. Finally, we look forward to hosting face to face engagement in 2022 to support our diverse cohort from students, graduates and legal professionals and celebrate the achievements of 2021.