The Justice Project

About the Project

What is the Justice Project?

The Justice Project is a comprehensive, national review into the state of access to justice in Australia.

The Project focuses on justice barriers facing those with significant social and economic disadvantage, as well as identifying what is working to reduce those barriers.

We want to take our access to justice crisis out of the realm of numbers and into the realm of lived experience by understanding how our most vulnerable people experience access to justice issues, and what needs to be done to deliver a fairer, more just system which delivers access to justice in Australia.

We also want to identify the considerable innovation that exists within the justice sector – despite the pressures that it is under.

Under the guidance of an expert Steering Committee, the final report will result in one of the most comprehensive examinations of the access to justice needs of vulnerable Australians in recent decades.

Steering Committee Membership

An expert Steering Committee has been established to guide The Justice Project.

Chaired by former Chief Justice of the High Court, the Hon. Robert French AC, it consists of eminent lawyers, jurists and academics.

Full Memberships is here.

Terms of Reference

The Justice Project is guided by a comprehensive Terms of Reference.

You can view the full Terms of Reference here.

Reporting dates

Final report to be released in 2018.

What are the guiding principles of The Justice Project?

There are some important ideas and guiding principles behind The Justice Project including:

Equal access to justice for all - the aim of The Justice Project

The aim of The Justice Project is to understand the issues that stop people from accessing justice. We believe that all people should be treated equally by the law and be able to use the justice system and would like to ensure everyone has equal access to justice.

The Justice Project will identify:

The Justice Project is focusing on people who experience disadvantage to:

The Justice Project shines a light on access to justice issues, while uncovering systemic flaws and identifying gaps in access to justice.

It will reveal methods of addressing and dissolving those barriers to justice and help to create a path toward equal access to justice that is clear and easily accessible for Australians who experience disadvantage.

We should always look at the justice system from the people’s point of view, and base access to key services which underpin justice on what we know already works and what is necessary to meet their needs.