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International Law

30 March 2017: Alternative Facts Symposium

The ILS held a Symposium, Freedom of Speech and Defamation in an “Alternative Facts” World, at Marque Lawyers, Sydney, on 30 March.

The sell-out Symposium discussed the conflict between technology and defamation legislation in light of recent developments in post-truth, alternative facts, Russian hacking, and fake news. 
Judge Judith Gibson, Co-Chair of the ILS Comparative Law Committee, chaired the panel of experts for the event. Panellists were: Justice Lucy McCallum, Defamation List Judge, Supreme Court of NSW; Professor D K Rolph, University of Sydney; Mr Sandy Dawson SC, Barrister; Mr Matthew Richardson, Barrister; Mr Richard Ackland, Justinian, Gadfly, Gazette of Law and Journalism and the Guardian; and Ms Kate McClymont and Ms Michaela Whitbourn from the Sydney Morning Herald.



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