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3 November 2016: Hong Kong Chapter explores influence of Australian judges

On 3 November, the Hong Kong Chapter held an event featuring the Honourable Justice Joseph Fok, one of the four Permanent Judges of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal. Mr Justice Fok spoke on ‘the Influence of the Australian Judges on the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.’ Mr Justice Fok reported on the many Australian judges who have sat and are sitting as Non-Permanent Judges on the Court, including Justice Gleeson AC QC, Justice Gummow AC QC, Justice Spigelman AC QC and Justice Mason AC KBE QC, who have given over 100 judgments with the Court.

The event was organised by the Hong Kong Chapter Convenor, Mr Anthony Chow, and his steering committee. Nearly 40 attended, including Chief Justice Ma and Justice Tang and the majority of the members of the Final Court of Appeal. In his welcome speech, the Chair of the ILS, Dr Wolfgang Babeck, congratulated Mr Chow and the Chapter on the remarkable event, calling the Hong Kong Chapter ‘one of the most impressive and active Chapters of the International Law Section of the Law Council.’

The Hon Mr Justice Fok’s speech can be viewed here.



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