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Case Management Handbook

The Federal Litigation Section of the Law Council of Australia is very pleased to publish the Federal Court of Australia Case Management Handbook. This initiative has grown out of continuing close liaison between the Court and the Section and ongoing workshops and discussions regarding the best approaches to the management of cases before the Court.

Particular mention should be made of John Sheahan SC, who first floated the idea of a Handbook and was involved in writing key chapters as well as arranging for the other contributions; and of the learned and innovative work of the other authors,  Steven Finch SC, Philip Crutchfield SC, Roger Forbes, Chris Rogers, and Leon Zwier.

The Hon. Justice Michelle Gordon has been a driving force behind the Court's innovative approaches to more effective case management. Her Honour's  encouragement has been decisive to the development of the Handbook.  

The Handbook, in a draft form, was the subject of considerable discussion during a joint workshop conducted by the Federal Court and the Federal Litigation Section in August 2011.  The outcomes of this workshop have moulded the version of the Handbook which we now publish.

The work on the Handbook does not stop here, however.  It will remain a living document which will be subject to ongoing review and updating.  Additional chapters will be added over time which will draw on the experience of practitioners and Judges in other aspects of the Court's work. Existing chapters will be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain current and relevant.

We commend the Handbook to users of the Federal Court.

Important Note:

Following the Federal Court’s recent National Court Framework reforms, including the revision of the Court’s practice documents and the issuing of new Practice Notes, the Case Management Handbook is under review.


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