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ILS International Law and Practice Course 2019 – Lecture 1 with Hajo Duken

EU law: Single market, four freedoms, customs union and the Brexit crisis

The International Law Section invites you to attend the ILS International Law and Practice Course 2019 and be inspired by the exciting roster of expert speakers as they share their knowledge and experience with you.

Starting off the lecture series we have guest speaker Hajo Duken who will speak on the topic of EU law: Single market, four freedoms, customs union and the Brexit crisis. Chaired by Dr Martyn Taylor. 

Brexit has moved the principles, legal frameworks and institutions of the EU into the centre of political and legal discussions around the world. In this session we will briefly revisit the key learnings from last year’s lecture before diving deeper into the meaning and practical implications of the single market, the four freedoms and the customs union.

This will help us to understand and discuss the unprecedented challenges both the EU and the UK are facing in what is now commonly described as the ‘Brexit mess’ or the ‘Brexit crisis’.

Hajo Duken

An admitted lawyer in Australia and Germany, Hajo has designed and delivered seminars and lectures throughout his career, including on EU, constitutional and international law. In Australia  he worked in private practice and held senior in-house positions in the retail, pharmaceutical, waste, metal recycling and health industries. As company secretary in the private and public sectors, Hajo has acted as principal governance advisor to a range of boards and executive teams




Ticket Type Price
10 Session Ticket + One Year ILS Membership* Incl GST $300.00
Lecture 1 Session Ticket (only) Incl GST $55.00

*All 10-sessions including one year’s membership (from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020) to the International Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.


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