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Contracting in the Digital Age – an introduction to Smart Legal Contracts

1 February 2022 | Zoom Webinar

Contracts are a vital part of society, enabling trust and protection under law. The way we interact is changing with increased reliance on digital technologies and automated processes. Contracts are also evolving at each stage of the contract lifecycle including creation, execution, storage, performance & disputes is also changing.

Smart legal contracts, a form of digital contract, are legally enforceable contracts where part or all of the rights and obligations recorded in natural language are also represented using code. SLCs will open up opportunities to manage business relationships more efficiently and to generate valuable data and analytics.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the foundational concepts of smart legal contracts presented through three panels each exploring the concepts at varying degrees of sophistication.


This is a free event, however registration is essential. Please note that there is a limited attendance capacity for this event.


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