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September 2021 - Message from the Chair

The last three months have been very busy for many of our members who, through their efforts in writing submissions and meeting with key stakeholders, have continued to contribute to the effective development, implementation and administration of business law in Australia.

Details of recent submissions can be obtained elsewhere in this edition of the BLS Brief. Details of many more of our submissions can be accessed through the Law Council’s website.

In the 2020-2021 financial year, the BLS made a massive contribution to the overall production of submissions from the Law Council, either by authoring submissions solely, or by contributions to joint submissions with other Sections or Committees of the Law Council. The following graph details the extent of efforts from the Law Council including the BLS.

Thank you to all committee members who have given of their valuable time to produce such important work.

The impact of COVID-19 on how business is conducted in Australia has highlighted and accelerated the need for the modernisation of laws around document execution and the holding of virtual meetings. The BLS is playing a major role in promoting the permanent development of improvements to such laws.

Through the course of 2020, there were various submissions made by the BLS to assist government in relation to the implementation of emergency measures to facilitate electronic execution and the holding of on-line meetings. Now more permanent reforms in this area have been proposed with the Treasury Laws Amendment (Measures for Consultation) Bill 2021: Use of technology for meetings and related amendments.

The BLS is continuing its advocacy in this field, with our most recent submission agreeing with many of the proposed changes but seeking certain improvements.

In addition, the BLS has been instrumental in assisting the Law Council to form a working group, comprising representatives drawn not just from the BLS but also several state law societies, to focus on this developing area.

In this very important field, the work of the BLS is being guided by John Keeves of Johnson Winter & Slattery. John is a member of the BLS executive and a former chair of the BLS.

Greg Rodgers
Business Law Section


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