Message from the President

Duncan McConnel

Duncan McConnel  LCAPres

07 May 2015

Harper Review sets path for competition policy reform

The release of the Final Report of the Competition Policy Review represents a significant milestone in the nation's competition policy and laws. Drawing on more than 12 months of public and stakeholder consultation, it is the first comprehensive review of competition policy in two decades and builds on the work of the Hilmer and Dawson committees. Released on March 31, the independent review is the blueprint of the Review Panel led by Professor Ian Harper and makes 56 recommendations for reforms across three key themes – competition policy, laws and institutions – as part of a drive to promote more dynamic, competitive and efficient markets.

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What's New?

20 May 2015: Attorneys-General must address crisis in legal assistance funding
The Law Council of Australia is urging Attorneys-General on the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council (LCCSC) to urgently commit more funding to legal assistance services at their Council meeting this Friday, 22 May 2015, or risk critically undermining access to justice in Australia.

19 May 2015: WA's new no-fault injury scheme shows way forward
The Law Council of Australia has welcomed the Western Australian Government's announcement to establish a no-fault catastrophic injury scheme for motor vehicle accidents.

13 May 2015: Small business changes a boon for law practices, but legal aid freeze will hurt access to justice
The Law Council of Australia has commended budget measures that assist small businesses. including law firms. However, the peak professional body warned that while continued legal assistance funding was welcome, potential increases in Courts fees and an absence of additional legal aid will have an immediate impact on access to justice.

11 May 2015: Legal profession commits to diversity and equality
Legal profession leaders gathered in Sydney on 8 May 2015 to implement initiatives that promote diversity and equality in the profession.

11 May 2015: Diversity and Equality Charter
The Law Council has adopted a Diversity and Equality Charter that promotes the respect and inclusion of all legal professionals.